How to Design Web 2.0 Logos

web2-logos.JPGWeb 2.0 logos are clearly distinguishable from their look and feel. But how do you put a finger to it in terms of design style? Check out this blog for an overview of the most popular logos we see.. The font of some logos are also identified, which really helps since its a bitch for graphic designers in trying to find them… (or at least for amateurs like me)


5 thoughts on “How to Design Web 2.0 Logos

  1. Haha … awesome post! I ought to redesign my website logo to feel web 2.0 ish 😛

  2. here’s an even better resource here.

  3. What amazes me is how even big companies are feeling the need to conform to the whole ‘Web 2.0’ youthful-look-fad. Like Cisco, Chevron, etc.

  4. Ich erklare meinen Freunden uber diese Seite. Interessieren!

  5. Very useful. I found this to be a joy to browse in. ,

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