Yahoo’s Major Mobile Ad Deal Includes Singapore Airlines

Yahoo ramps up it advertising deals with top brands today, according to Reuters. In a show of its clout among brand advertisers, Yahoo has signed a multi-country mobile-phone advertising deal with companies like Hilton’s Embassy Suites, Infiniti, Intel Corp., Nissan, Pepsi & Co, Procter & Gamble Asia-Pacific and Singapore Airlines. This is expected to be the first wave of customers.

The new service is available in Western Europe in Britain, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and in the Americas in United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

It also plans to offer the advertising service in Asia-Pacific markets including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

How will it work?

Advertisements will run along the top of Yahoo’s home page on the Internet screens of mobile phones. Consumers can click on the interactive ads to learn more about an advertiser’s offer or call the advertiser directly for details.

Yahoo Japan Corp., the company’s joint venture with Softbank Corp. has been running ads in Japan for several years in what ranks as one of the world’s most advanced mobile technology markets.

Its interesting to note the aggressive push of Yahoo into the mobile markets of 6 major Southeast Asian markets. Yahoo’s expanding reach across Southeast Asia, in recent years, has focused on building up an advantage in working relationships with local content and service providers, giving it a heads-up advantage over competitors like Google which is still very new to the region. Granted that direct response advertising don’t really work well on mobile phones anyway (simple no screen space to serve them alongside search results), Yahoo is proving to be faster in understanding that their strengths lie in brand-based marketing and scaling those relationships to the Asia-Pac region.

The Yahoo Japan example in the news article is a curious misnomer. Everyone knows Japan’s 3G (or beyond now?) networks and user habits make them an anomaly in global digital culture. The Japanese read mini-novels, watch TV and play geo-dating games on their phones, all of which are ideas still largely being incubated in many media and research labs around the world. While Singapore might boast a decent 3G infrastructure, user habits are unlikely to shift dramatically overnight to make branded ads a painless component of mobile internet usage. I already find loading webpages on the Nokia 6280 and Motorola Razr V3X a time-wasting hassle, let alone wait for a static graphic ad to load at the top of my browser.

Credit to Marketing Pilgrim for breaking this news.


3 thoughts on “Yahoo’s Major Mobile Ad Deal Includes Singapore Airlines

  1. It’s interesting that this news did nothing to their stock value…

  2. yea, i checked. no impact at all eh.. u must be disappointed..

  3. превосходно

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