Fan Video of Singapore’s ASEAN Victory

Right, this post is for the Singaporeans only. Ding Cheng An commemorated Singapore’s victory at the recently concluded ASEAN Football Championships and made this machinima-esque video. Not sure how long he took it. But the attention to detail and sequencing was smooth if he really did it haphazardly. He even chereographed the match highligts, shots and goals to near-perfection. Its an enjoyable clip. Look at the faces of Khairul Amri, Mustafic, Shi Jiayi and Daniel Bennett and see if you recognize them.

Credit to for this.


One thought on “Fan Video of Singapore’s ASEAN Victory

  1. hi there dear friends….erm, my name is actually Cheng Ding An, or europeans would call it Ding An Cheng, (like Park Ji sung is Ji Sung park , and like rain is……erm…Rain)

    I took 24 hrs to do it, no sleep. its not even perfect enough…Not near what i would call perfect, i did it out of passion, I was in bangbok when it happened, I love my country as much as the thai people did.

    We are all football fans. worldwide. We do things to show our love

    me blog, i hardly have time to write

    my email is my msn

    contact me if u have anything cool


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