Kodak wants to OWN you!

Do you still remember what Kodak was good for? Yea, they are so “past-tense” now. Those good ol’ analogue films fit for the Museum of Ancient Tech History where your grandkids will ask you one day with a quizzical look while taking pictures with their digital do-it-all gadget.

This is another hilarious video of how Kodak aims to be hip and cool again! It appears to be an internal video thats now released on Youtube. I am sceptical about that but anyway.. Starting with a geriatric spokesman blabbing some crap, he gets himself increasingly excited and worked up about all the digital buzzwords you can possibly imagine and the crazy digital future ancient Kodak wants to move towards.


4 thoughts on “Kodak wants to OWN you!

  1. I wonder if Steve Jobs will ‘perform’ like this when he hits 70! At least these geezer had his own hair to pull 🙂

  2. haha, steve jobs wun need to do his own performing, his mac fans will rip out their hearts for him if they could, now thats more powerful stuff you will expect from the Grand Sorcerer of the Apple Cult. 😉

  3. Hello,

    I’m working with I/B/M providing tech supporti to a local stat board 🙂

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