Wkend Roundup: iPod is so Passe

While the blogosphere continues hyperventilating over the iPhone, some sensible folks always exist.

1. Get rid of your old Pod

This guy wants to make sure his new love for the iPhone will be undiluted by his love for his old iPod.


I am kidding. This “sensible” guy is actually from Blendtec. Cleverly disguising a shameless plug for their new blender product, they have come up with a super-simple idea to market their blenders – blend everything possible and put it on the web.

They might have tried the iPod here, but they also tried a crowbar, Barbie dolls among everything else. Click on the pic above to find out what else they blended.

Hmm, what happens if you are unimpressed by the hype over iPhone, like the Japanese who think buying music over the Internet also is so passe when they can use their phones to buy tickets, watch live TV and swipe it to enter stadiums to watch games, scan bar codes to get discounts?

2. Why iPhone? Buy iEverythingElse. 

The answer might come from Google. Specifically their ultra top-secret Black Ops Directorate. They have created the iEverything Else aka the iEE. Sick of just calling, watching video and listening to music or surfing the web on your phone? Then you should click here.


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