iPhone is Out! And the world can finally exhale again…

dsc_0182.jpg Copyleft Engadget

No other product in the world is that breathtaking, as only those by Apple and Stevie J. could.

No other product quickens one’s heartbeat and raises adrenaline like Apple’s could.

No other product can make you fall in love. Period.


The iPhone is finally out. Months of speculation, guess-timations and suspicions finally bore fruit today in another landmark product launch. The technical details are still sketchy for now, but the blogosphere will fill the gaps over the next few hours as citizen media kicks in and carries on the next lap of Apple marketing, almost on autopilot as they report live from the show over thier wifi-enabled laptops.

*Commercial Break* But a tip here for those with cash and fast fingers, go buy Apple and short Motorola and every other phone maker, Apple stock is rumored to be up by $6 so far upon news of this launch.. *End*

The iPhone has a screen fully operated by touch. Just move your fingers to make iPhone do your bidding.




It is 11.6millimetres long and a snug fit on your palm. With a 2megapixel camera, 4Gb-8Gb flash storage, wifi support, 3.5 inch screen, 5hrs of talktime and 16 hours of music-playing time, runs software compatible with iTunes and other internet-based apps such as widgets, GMail, Yahoo Mail or Google Maps…

It does everything you want in a phone, but looks everything like you wish a phone could look like — Fashionable and cool. Something to wow the chicks for the dudes or something to look chic for the chicks.

Its .. Almost like Life in Your Pocket.


Available only with Cingular Wireless in US, it will go on sale only from June onwards, at $499-$599. It only goes on sale in Europe in end 2007 and the disappointing is Asians will only see iPhone in 2008.

WTF. . So Apple tempts us and frustrates us and we all hold our breaths again.

** All pictures taken off Engadget and the original post can be seen here, here and here. And of course, the Apple official site here. The keynote speech can also be found here.


6 thoughts on “iPhone is Out! And the world can finally exhale again…

  1. Everything is awesome about it except that it is not 3G and it does not have a proper keyboard. If you watched the keynote, all that Steve Jobs managed to type was “see you there” and he had to stumble for it. Now I have seen people (that includes me) who can type really quick on their Blackberries and Treos. So not really useful for sending messages and emails.

    Now the second flaw. He shows all the good stuff about built-in Safari, Google Maps, etc. But he was quietly running them on WiFi not on regular GPRS. Now the whole point of the mobile phone is to be able to do it everywhere – not only in the places where there’s WiFi coverage! I’m pretty sure if he switches to GPRS, the user experience will be dramatically different (aka sucky).

  2. iphone working well with wifi coverage will mean this phone works well only in two places, SF and Mountain View. We shall see how well iPhone does. Dun forget, they still have a lag time of up to 5 months to work on the software while listenng to the whole world give customer feedback. Thats smart i think, especially if we start hearing lead users/ bloggers secretly beta-testing the iPhone and stress-testing it to work out the kinks.

    But yea, stephen o’ grady did have a lot of valid points, especially the proximity sensor crapping out and the battery issue. My ipod video battery died on me after 7 months of usage due to the video function’s high power consumption. With the iphone’s video+++ feature-packed specs list, it will die in no time once someone calls in the midst of u watching even sometime as short as a 5 min clip. I wonder if this iPhone has too many features for its own good. It seems they tried to do everything possible to show off OS X as a competing platform for mobile usage.

    I am most likly to give the 1st generation iPhone a miss, it comes out here in 2008 anyway, but the 2nd Gen is likely to be better. Now that we have seen the future of phones, we are unlikely to turn back. 😉

  3. Man … it’s so goooooood. I was up all night watching the lame live commentary (AJAX supported) on some third party site. Engadget wasn’t refreshing fast enough.

    Bad bad Steve … made me miss a morning meeting.

    To me, the most amazing part was the charm of this man in the black turtleneck … he got the Google CEO and the Yahoo CEO to appear on stage within 30 seconds of each other! Although I wonder what Yahoo did to get on Apple’s good books … Yahoo’s new moves into the mobile space make me think they’ll be overtaking Google in at least one medium.

    I agree with Bjorn though, I’m also gonna give the first gen iPhone a miss … by 2nd gen, they should have some awesome new features (15-20GB of storage, one of those virtual holographic keyboards, WiMax support, smooth out the 1st gen finger scrolling bugs etc etc)

  4. actually Yahoo CEO was not there, it was jerry yang who’s co-founder. I think terry semel is on his way out from the look of yesterday. He doesn;t belong in Silicon Valley but thats another story.

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