Blog about Life (Or Lack of It) of Wall Street Bankers

BusinessWeek calls the blogger the “Borat of Wall Street”. Exposing the idiosyncracies and incredulities of the lifestyle of smart Ivy-leaguers who spend the better half of their lives in front of computer screens. A mock cover letter to Goldman has these lines proclaiming the applicant’s skills:

“I have been practicing staring at a computer monitor for extended hours,” he wrote. “I can currently sit motionless in front of a screen for 28 hours, and I am improving daily.”

Check out the Leveraged Sell-Out blog. A blog for investment bankers who want a reality check.


One thought on “Blog about Life (Or Lack of It) of Wall Street Bankers

  1. The obscenely fat bonuses and paychecks are meant to compensate for everything else. The banks know it and the college grads know it too.

    The problem is if you worked really hard to graduate out of the best schools in the world with a near-perfect GPA, doing anything which an average grad can *get* would seem like an insult to all your efforts. So the only way to justify all that hard work is to grab the elitist jobs and the banks do an excellent job at showing off their analyst/associate positions as the elitist. Frankly I don’t blame either of them.

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