Men had menstrual cramps too, just ask Achilles

Check out this series of videos depicting the history of menstruation in men starting from the cavemen era based on analysis of hieroglyphics to historical evidence that even include the Greek gods, Shakespeare, Napoleon and even the moon race.. Really makes you wonder..

The Cavemen Evidence

The Evidence from Achilles who didn’t really have the problem with his heel

Even Napoleon had it, check out his hand on his tummy to staunch those stabbing pains, mildly funny there..

Did you buy the new finding that men has cramps? Found it funny? I didn;t really, maybe i don’t have a sense of humor. I thought it was corny how they tried so hard by linking to major historical events and overdoing the incredulity factor to make it sound mildly believable yet funny at the same time. Truth is, this is really a viral ad campaign by P&G for ThermaWraps and they created a 7-parter video series and a couple of fake websites you can find by searching for “men with cramps”. Click on the official website here.

Effort’s there but its too contrived for my liking. The production might be too smooth. Maybe I just ain’t the target market, hence the skepticism, or i am just a chauvinist 😉


One thought on “Men had menstrual cramps too, just ask Achilles

  1. you guys can also read more about the campaign from New York Times here.

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