Google is the New Coke

40772937wa149_colawars_web.jpgBecause Yahoo has officially become Pepsi.

And we might be looking at an internet industry with only 2 giants, if you believe MSN and Yahoo might merge under a Microsoft takeover.

Whats the deal with so many acquisitions, one might ask? There has been more than an avalanche of deals made in the past 12 months in the internet industry as Google, Yahoo, MSN, along with lumbering media dinosaurs behind eating their dust, jostled to make their way into college dorms (ok, not quite) for pizza-fueled, beer-guzzling young entrepreneurs with the Next Big Thing. The doomsday believers and closet Nostradamus groupies among us are even mentioning the feared “B” word – Bubble.

But Yahoo has really been the loser in this round, as their one-time protege in web search, Google has swiftly taken over Yahoo’s dominance as the first major search giant and gone on to corner the search and online advertising markets. The number of victories keep piling up for Google since their IPO in July 2004; Quarterly Revenue, Market cap on Wall Street, Market Share for Search, AOL, MySpace, Youtube… Its making Terry Semel and his merrymen in Sunnyvale wonder if they are losing their mojo in deal-making.

The latest rumor has it that Yahoo is now thinking of revisiting an old battle won by Google over AOL and mulling a buyout of that unit. Click here for CNN Money article.

In other news, Google may have truly grown too big for its size and exhausted Earth’s resource for intelligent people. Not too long ago in Feb 2006, they were still pretty anal about their GPA qualifications. Click here for Valleywag article. They have relaxed their GPA requirements for new hires, albeit only for sales positions. Click here for article from John Battelle.


12 thoughts on “Google is the New Coke

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  2. except it doesnt pay out dividends. then again it’s got growth.

  3. This is a story that has been repeated since the dawn of human enterprise and commerce.

    An institution is called into being by a person or a group of individuals with a vision for a changed world, and for a while they succeed at it. This institution earns the love and loyalty of people around it for the lives it enriches. (Some examples are like the Roman Republic, the founding father of the United States, Google…)

    But with tremendous growth and power, it somehow stifles the espression and atmosphere of the people around it (nanely, others who have a vision for their own version of a changed world)…and then revolution and change comes again.

    For better, or for worse. Change is necessary for entrepeneurs to thrive!

    Entrepeneurs live off change and MUST find an enemy to fight…its the validation of an entrepeneurs existence.

    Enough of my stupidity! Great post btw!

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