Look at Michael J Fox now

Parkinson’s Disease is a truly terrible affliction. I grew up with Michael J Fox’s character Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy and maybe a couple of Spin City episodes.. This is not how he should live the next half of his life…

May the voters of America make some smarter decisions and kick the buffoons out of office. If there’s one thing that’s done right in Singapore, its our policy to allow stem cell research to be conducted here, enriching the lives of potentially millions of lives in the future. Yes, the policymakers might not have done it for purely altruistic measures, but the researchers are doing great work and thats what’s important. Lets support the scientists.

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10 thoughts on “Look at Michael J Fox now

  1. oh god.. that must have been one of the most powerful video’s i’ve ever seen on youtube

  2. Oh dear… I’m speechless… my prayers will be with him and I hope he’ll get cured soon…

  3. Oh no, is that true?!!!

  4. Oh my god! Michael J Fox was so cute in Back To The Future, now i feel so bad!

  5. solo dire que amooo a michael j. fox quisiera conocerlo marty mcfly

  6. this is so sad to watch. i was 4 when i watched back to the future and i thought michael was quality! now seeing him like this is a real shame, he need to get cured.

  7. When i first read his autobiography i felt so sad for him and it really touched me but now i have seen the video i feel even worse. It made me think and i relise their are hundreds of people out there who are going through what he is, yet i see no charity events to raise money, so get out their and help people like Micheal i know i will.

  8. omg this is just so sad! is there any cure for this sort of disease? 😦 hope he’ll get better!

  9. i really hope they find a cure Michael is my hero and it hurts to see that he has this disease and some people don’t want to allow the research that is needed to cure him and many others it makes me so sad.

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