The “Cheerleader” who flirted with Digg but “Stumbled” upon…

In my post yesterday with the “cheerleader” analogy of Friendster, I hit jackpot with my traffic after uploading the link on Digg. Looks like there’s still mojo in the Friendster brand for enough people to check in on its downfall.

I am No.4 (currently) under Fastest Growing WP blogs for the very first time and my post also appears in the “Top Posts” section next to Scobleizer’s “I hate Linkedin” rant.

But surprise, surprise, surprise, though the Digg effect was totally cool but not wholly unexpected, what I did not expect to see was a huge spike in referrals from the Stumbleupon service too.


It looks like StumbleUpon is fast catching up with Digg in terms of appeal to web publishers. If comScore ratings from June (best I could find in a quick check off Google) are accurate, StumbleUpon’s 1.37M toolbar users, as of today, are equally as voracious in terms of page views as Digg’s.


6 thoughts on “The “Cheerleader” who flirted with Digg but “Stumbled” upon…

  1. Congrats! Anyway, WP blogs is a bit different from blogs isn’t it?

  2. if there was a way to put a “Digg this” link at the end of each post (in blogs) automatically, it would have been cool. I mean now we’ll have to do it manually. By the way my guess is that you added the link manually and Digged it yourselves right? i mean I don’t see any links that users can use to submit an article to Digg

  3. Agree with you on the Stumble thing, it’s getting quite popular too, I myslef use it now. And I’ve put a link to my blog in my profile which gets me some users. Now for someone with a lot of friends and a larger audience in Stumble could do a lot better then.

    But somehow still it doesn’t have the ability to get a sudden burst of visitors that a successful Digg could get.

  4. totally right annoxero, i wish there was a widget you could put on your post so pple can automatically see the article “dugg” instead of having to visit the digg site.. manually adding it ain;t cool at all.. digg should come up with more tools for blog owners, i dun see those features available on the digg site..

    and now that i see how big Stumbleupon has become, i am gonna try it more. its way newer and different from Digg thats kinda a news portal so while it might not give sudden bursts for now, it still provides high visibility of your webpage to avid “stumblers”..

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