The Other Founder of Youtube

Meet Jawed Karim, all of 27 years old, who ditched Youtube to study his masters at Stanford. A decision that stumped his Stanford professors too.

New York Times has a good article on this. What amazed me was his love for academia and teaching as opposed to the more common opposite route. Sergey and Larry of Google are notable examples.

Mr. Karim said he might keep a hand in entrepreneurship, and he dreams of having an impact on the way people use the Internet — something he has already done. Philanthropy may have some appeal, down the road. But mostly he just wants to be a professor. He said he simply hopes to follow in the footsteps of other Stanford academics who struck it rich in Silicon Valley and went back to teaching.

“There’s a few billionaires in that building,” he said, standing in front of the William Gates Computer Science Building. But his chosen path will not preclude another stint at a start-up. “If I see another opportunity like YouTube, I can always do that,” he said.

Its useful to note Jawed was already a millionaire prior to Youtube’s founding. Thanks to his time at Paypal, along with Chad and Steve, before it was bought by eBay.

An excerpt on the early path of Youtube’s founding:

Mr. Karim met Mr. Hurley and Mr. Chen when all three of them worked at PayPal. After the company was acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion, netting Mr. Karim a few million dollars, they often talked about starting another company.

By early 2005, all three had left PayPal. They would often meet late at night for brainstorming sessions at Max’s Opera Café, near Stanford, Mr. Karim said. Sometimes they met at Mr. Hurley’s place in Menlo Park or Mr. Karim’s apartment on Sand Hill Road, down the street from Sequoia Capital, the venture firm that would become YouTube’s financial backer.

Mr. Karim said he pitched the idea of a video-sharing Web site to the group. But he made it clear that contributions from Mr. Chen and Mr. Hurley were essential in turning his raw idea into what eventually became YouTube.

More on Artis Capital Management here, the San Francisco hedge fund that also invested in Youtube.


3 thoughts on “The Other Founder of Youtube

  1. Great article, cool website! It is indeed pretty admirable that Karim chose to follow his passion for academia.

  2. Thanks for the articles Bjorn

  3. hello.. just wanna ask who are the pioneers of youtube, the founders..thanks.. reply pls on my email.. just need it

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