My BHAG in 2007: The Marathon des Sables

Life’s getting too routine and I am unfit.

I need a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). Something exciting, a little crazy and impossible.

7 Days. 240km/ 150 miles. In the Sahara Desert (Southern Morocco). Click here to know more.

The longest I have ever run is a half marathon of 21km 4 years ago. This race is 5.5 marathons and ran across the desert, with the longest single stage being 82 km. I have never been to Africa. The participation fee is $3000 and I have less than $1000 in my bank now. According to Wikipedia,

“During the 1994 race, Italian police officer Mauro Prosperi lost his way during a sand storm and wandered lost for more than 9 days, losing over 18 kg (40 lb) of body weight.”

This sounds ridiculous enough it might actually work.

Why am I running?

Because I believe I can and I am willing to try, so who’s to say I can’t? =)

And I really want to challenge my own physical and mental endurance. Or maybe you can call it my quarter-life challenge.

Living A Life Less Ordinary,



4 thoughts on “My BHAG in 2007: The Marathon des Sables

  1. cool! “Jia You” (quoted what many singaporeans often like to say:) )

  2. yeah, thanks Suhao.

    Max, I will definitely consider that… i spoke to some profs in my school and they might actually be keen to put some money in.. =)

  3. Wow…awesome adventure! Will be hard…but i imagine definately worth it!

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