The Kings of Youtube speak..

Watch the 2 founders thank their readers by doing a “video” press release and fight off their camera shyness towards the end of the clip.. lol.. these guys are funny and now friggin’ rich..


7 thoughts on “The Kings of Youtube speak..

  1. cool. A CEO keynote the YouTube amateurish way without any editing!

    But I still do not get why Google bought YouTube. I mean after all they have Google Videos which is also successful even though not as much as YouTube.

  2. Google video is not successful, not in terms of traffic number by an count. They are not in the top 3 and the mkt share drops dramatically once you are outside top 3. Most pple have never heard of google video, which afflicts many of Google’s many othetr products other than their main search engine.

    Google needs to get forward with diversifying their revenue model. They are relying too much on text-based ads and video ad selling is still primitive but hold huge potential. Instead of continuing to cede massive mkt share to Myspace, Google needs to secure Youtube for themselves.

  3. more than the buy out, what i’m really happy abt is the music companies embracing this model. atleast they’re trying to understand how all this works.

    hmm youtube..i only visit the website to watch scrubs or the family guy. no i don’t watch any of those home videos. and frankly speaking put the episode in with the ads and i would still go and watch those videos. and better still, with the internet you know your customers. this is such a big leap over the traditional ways of advertising that are blind. and that is where the true power of putting videos on the internet lies.

    i’m not sure about the selling of the videos part. coz i am going to use those P2P software to d/l your stuff. like it or not. instead of clamping down its time to start embracing. and bravo viacom for atleast having thought about it.

  4. btw google video is not even in top 5 afaik.. yahoo, aol, ms, myspace, youtube. maybe 6.

  5. i was referring to this link where i got my source before my comment got truncated:

    seriously, this is an important move for google. video is the next big thing and you gotta have a real presence since they are only a gateway to the internet and not a major destination site. Everyone in advertising knows you need to spend time with the consumer, get them to read your ads. Not merely peruse text ads while on google search and then leave.

    To different people, Google is a different animal. To some, its a search engine, to others its an advertising company. But the bottomline is that it has to earn money. Youtube is its next bet.

  6. hmm my comment is abt the videos on youtube. and not on the acquisition.

    you know how much percentage of videos watched on youtube are copyrighted? that would help place things into perspective.

  7. i dunno, but go take a look at at the most viewed, that was pointed out by a Yahoo FInance report or Forbes as the number 1 target board to go after for copyright owners..

    i dun watch much home made videos too. most r crap..

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