Google’s First Salvo to the Internet Giants?

Update from Venturebeat: Artis Capital Management, a hedge fund in San Francisco was also an investor in YouTube, something previously undisclosed. Artis co-invested in YouTube with Sequoia Capital in the startup’s $8 million Series B this spring, according to PE Week. In two rounds of funding, YouTube raised $11.5 million.

“I feel lucky!”, says Michael Moritz hypothetically, after his success in the recent Google deal.. Is he the “Warren Buffett” of the VC world?

I have one huge question mark lingering in my head: with all the talk about Gootube over the news wires and blogosphere, (including a few kinda sour and scornful posts from Mark “You-all-are-moronic” Cuban), where does that leave the rest of the Internet giants such as EBay, Amazon, FIM, Microsoft and especially Yahoo? Are we going to see a knee jerk reaction from these folks?

Stay tuned…


One thought on “Google’s First Salvo to the Internet Giants?

  1. hey bjorn, just wanted to say hi. enjoy reading your thoughts on web 2.0, esp since i’m just wising up to it! good stuff cannot bluff – keep blogging!

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