One Dream Company I like to Work for..

Killing the 30-second TVC Commercial…

…VCs would line up to fund anyone who could create an online marketplace that automates the sale of product placement for Hollywood studios. We were onto something: NextMedium is just such a startup, and it’s turning heads in Silicon Valley and Tinseltown alike.Founded by former North Carolina venture capitalist Hamett Watt, NextMedium arose in response to a problem bedeviling entertainment companies. The value of the mainstay 30-second TV spot is eroding. The roughly $50 billion spent last year on TV ads is at risk because of the advent of commercial-skipping digital video recorders, as well as the lure of the Internet and videogames…..

NextMedium automates and standardizes the process of product placement in TV shows, movies, and videogames. Estimated at $2 billion, product placement today is a relatively small, ad hoc segment of advertising. Too often it relies on Hollywood agents cutting back-lot deals to sneak their clients’ products into a shot. But on the NextMedium Web site,

  1. movie studios, TV networks, and videogame producers can upload excerpts of scripts or specific product placement requests — say, a black SUV for Jack Bauer in an episode of 24.
  2. Advertisers can search through the requests to evaluate and bid on the available placement opportunities.
  3. Before a deal is done, NextMedium’s site also allows for the director or other creative professional to approve and sign off on each placement. Then, in collaboration with Nielsen Media Research, NextMedium will…
  4. measure the exposure of that placement by determining how many people saw it and how a brand’s total exposure compares with that of competitors.

For more, read the CNN Money article here..

That pic above was for fun, thats not how i envision what this company should do.. James Bond’s not done killing spies/ terrorists yet, so he’s not gonna be a comedian anytime soon..

BUT this guy Michael, on the other hand, loves being a walking billboard.. so he won’t find the James Bond pic funny..


4 thoughts on “One Dream Company I like to Work for..

  1. Google just bought YouTube in a 1.65b stock deal. Looks like acquisitions are the flavour of the month, with Yahoo buying over Facebook etc. What are your views on the ramifications of this deal on Web 2.0? Would love to read a blog entry about this! =)

  2. hi anonymous, yahoo did not buy facebook, yet.. they seem to be balking at the 1 billion tag. yea, i might write about the youtube purchase some time soon. thanks for reading! =)

  3. why doesn’t google pay attention to orkut? wtf? abandoned child….

    brazil, india (and iran)…thr’s a market thr. more visibility damnit. gotta pay more attention to orkut.

  4. maybe google india, they have a r & d lab there dun they? i wld suppose those guys are already on it altho the pace of devt since then is alarmingly slow.. they came up with goog finance, that project stalled too.. which might be why sergey and larry have recently come up with the “Features NOT Products” initiative to stop the proliferation of new products but stagnation of post-release feature devt,1,1629177.story?coll=la-headlines-business

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