Drinking Boosts Your Career Income

Drink up folks! From today, my best friend is Johnnie Walker and I love Grey Goose.

The academics have spoken: Regular drinkers make 10% to 14% more money than those who do not drink, specifically 10% more for men and 14% more for women. .

The study also concluded that men who drink socially — defined as visiting a bar at least once a month — earn an additional 7% more than those who do not. The same correlation was not found for women, however.

..according to the study, conducted by the Journal of Labor Research, published quarterly by the Department of Economics at George Mason University, and the Reason Foundation, a Los Angeles-based think tank. Click here for the Yahoo Finance article, and here for LA Times.

And CEOs agree too.

“The days of command-and-control management are over. Nowadays, influence has everything to do with developing relationships.”

~~Paal Gisholt, CEO of SmartPak, a 125-employee pet-supply company based in Plymouth, Mass.

Now before you start jumping off your seat to head for the nearest Happy Hour, its not only about drinking but more about socializing that helps you advance in your career. And really, do we need academics and CEOs to tell us drinking and socializing is good for us? Do we have to make socializing such an explicit activity that it will help fill our pockets with cash in the long run? Oh, and dun be stupid too, these guys say drinking helps, but getting drunk’s not cool…

My point in writing this article is not to encourage avid drinkers and socializers to drink more, although I am glad to help. =) (pssst… Buy me a beer next time you see me.) No, my point really is to use this research to reinforce my message that social networking is important.

Doing things in isolation these days is totally passe… You might be smart, but you ain’t an Einstein, Tesla or a JRR Tolkien that can create amazing theories, innovations, masterpieces by yourself. You need to share your own thoughts, listen to new, crazy, zany ideas in order to know what you really don’t know. In any case, “what-you-know” might not matter in any case, as sometimes “who-you-know” can replace that.

For my Singaporean friends, stop working your asses off. Work smart, not hard.

Develop a relationship with other real humans, not your office computer.

The way to climb that corporate ladder is not really to make that Powerpoint presentation look 3% better after 3 hours at 3am in the morning. No, you will be better off drinking with your coworkers or some hotshot in another company who will be rabidly sharing his career success tips at 3am in a nice bar on the Singapore River.

And yes, Maxim, if you happen to be reading this article, cheers to you.. =D

Oh, and a related sidenote here: You might find this LG phone useful..


2 thoughts on “Drinking Boosts Your Career Income

  1. They forgot to include the cost of alcohol, which is approximately 20% of your income…

  2. thats it, you just came up with the performance metric for all drinkers to shoot for… =)

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