A Minister Blogs..

George Yeo finally came out of the fog of the old media and is now a blogger. Well, make that a guest blogger under Ephraim Loy’s blog here. For the clueless, George is the current Foreign Minister of Singapore and his previous web presence, other than coverage of his official speeches on the national newspapers, belonged to the domain of political satire under TalkingCock.com , a local humor site poking fun at local politicians.

Here’s an excerpt from his recent post on the Singapore Idol:

[Singapore Idol]
1. It was fun being there when the results were announced. The crowd had a good time. Some stood up to rock to the music.

2. Singapore being Singapore, there were sensitivities. Having only come back from New York that morning, I did not know that the dark blue shirt I wore indicated support for Hady. Lucas Chow, the CEO of MediaCorp, who was dressed in a white jacket, said he would ‘balance’ me since white was for Jonathan. I was given two clappers, one white and one blue, to be politically correct. Boy, sometimes I wish I weren’t a minister.

3. But I did observe the audience critically to see whether the support for Hady and Jonathan was divided along ethnic lines. I was glad to learn later that the results showed a decisive 70% win for Hady, meaning that many Chinese Singaporeans voted for him. He had the better voice although I thought Jonathan had stronger stage presence. My wife said he had the Korean K-pop look. But the murmurs persist in social conversations. Some say that Hady received support from JB which I find hard to believe. One Chinese friend said that we can’t have Malays winning every time. Well, this is multi-racial Singapore. Anyway, 70% is much better than my 56% win in Aljunied.

I must say I am proud that George Yeo is somewhat of a trailblazer in adopting new media compared to his colleagues, considering that he’s my local representative for the Parliament. This should at least score him some brownie points. Although I feel he should get his own blog instead of co-blogging with Ephraim whose style is simply jarring with george’s style. His blogging style is refreshing honest and personal and definitely steered clear of the sanitized, PR-filtered mambo-jumbo the national media has been feeding the public.

Its time to show more personal character, so you go, George!


4 thoughts on “A Minister Blogs..

  1. Hey Bjorn… like it that you’re back with your good ‘ole Porsche style! Keep it coming!

  2. atleast he seems to get it. he has comments enabled on his blog!

  3. and if Hady and Taufik can win Singapore Idol, why do non-Chinese MPs have to contest in GRCs to win their seats in Parliament?

  4. trailblazer? my toes are chuckling…more like damage control after the last election. The ethnic line is so passe…don’t he has anything better to do?

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