An Epiphany..

I’ve been so preoccupied these days with E27, classes, my thesis-pondering (note its not writing, yet), my future career path that I neglected my blogging.

Here’s what I found from clicking around Facebook groups today while gathering data for my thesis.

I think the 4 points (see arrow) really helps to distinguish just what’s so special and different, in terms of skillsets and experience, between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs/ corporate climbers. I think of it as the difference between skydivers and bungee jumpers. Sadly, I have tried neither but spoken to enough who did to think that bungee jumpers undertake more risk than what skydivers can stomach.

The lack of that psychological safety net in bungee-jumping kinda makes you transcend your comfort zone to push your mental barriers to deal with the impossible challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

But I have something to add to the diagram.

  • Cost consciousness (economical usage of resources)
  • Sense of ownership (in addition to urgency)

4 thoughts on “An Epiphany..

  1. What, lack of psychological safety-net? You must be kidding… πŸ™‚ They all have the same safety nets!

  2. knew someone was gonna say that.. Psychological safety nets differ for people less adventurous than you, my friend, such as me =) Its all about perspective..

    Skydiving as a sport took off from its roots in the safety-conscious culture of the military. Whereas bungee jumping is really folkspeak for “cliff-jumping, with string(s) attached”.

    Would i jump out of a plane thats 10,000 ft high with a parachute? Throw in a few hours of training from qualified instructors-ex-fighter pilots? hell yeah!

    Jump off a 5000 ft cliff with a string behind? hmmm… I gotta psych myself first for that..

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  4. Hehe, well, I have bungee-jumped twice before, so maybe I can give a few comments on bungee jumping eh? πŸ™‚

    First of all, you don’t really need to psych up yourself when you’re at the jumpsite. Just do it a step at a time, and when you reach the platform, count down and LEAP!

    When you take that analogy into found a startup, its quite similar actually. You take tiny, little steps in preparation for the founding of the company. For me, that was saving months of my salary while working at a dead-end job as a software developer.

    Then when its time, just type up the resignation letter and LEAP! Don’t even think about consequences, just have faith in yourself, your vision, your abilities and just do it.

    Now.. the 2nd bungee jump, that’s a little different. πŸ™‚ I was scared shitless during my 2nd jump, because I KNEW what to expect now. To make things worse, the staff FORCED me to jump backwards, while leaning at a 45 degree angle out, with him holding onto my cord, for him to release at any time he wants…

    Taking this back into entrepreneurship, one can now understand why so many entrepreneurs, having failed once, do not try again at starting another company (I personally know of a few of these folks). They fully know what’s going to happen now, since they’ve done it all before, so they have a better inkling of the kind of hardship they’re going to face, and sadly, because of this fear, many do not try the 2nd time.

    Now skydiving… that’s another story. I’ll save that for another time. πŸ™‚

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