E27: Startup Republic on Sept 13 @SMU


Wish you could attend IMF like a VIP? Well, there’s E27 V3.0: Startup Republic. We promise to make you feel every bit as important. Singaporean delicacies complimentary. WIFI and power connections will be provided. Just BYOO (Bring Your Own Office). We will even make things more exciting – we’ll allow indoor protests! How’s all that sound?

RSVP here. More details on presenters found on our main blog here.

Oh, and do click on the posters we have created this time for the event. SOmething for all of us to get into “Major-conference” mode for next week when IMF and World Bank delegates descend upon our lil’ island nation. They might get chauffeured BMWs, we have our BMXs. 😉


3 thoughts on “E27: Startup Republic on Sept 13 @SMU

  1. sounds awesome. wish i could be there!

  2. would be cool if someone would make a video and then put it up online, maybe on youtube or grouper. More in the spirit of things.


  3. hey go check out my latest post on the IMF meetings. Leave a comment.

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