When Cars Evolve: Tesla Roadster

A Car Maniac’s Wet Dream.

Introducing the Tesla Roadster:

  • 100% Electric
  • 0 to 60 in 4 seconds
  • 135mpg equivalent
  • 250 miles/ 400 km per charge
  • about 1cent per mile

tesla motors

There were MP3 players, and then.. iPod.

There were cars, and then.. Tesla.

Designed and manufactured by the New Ferrari for a Post-Petroleum Age:


One thought on “When Cars Evolve: Tesla Roadster

  1. So, this is the electric car u say. Interesting. Looks really nice for a roadster.

    hmm.. Scan through the website. The specs look amazing.

    Very high starting torque and very linear horsepower.

    Personally, I do think this electric car is great…

    The only downside is:

    “Full Charge As short as 3.5 hours”

    3.5 hrs to charge is a huge achievement already but hopefully, the timing can still be lowered. Compared to less than 10 mins to pump petrol into yr car, 3.5 hrs still a lot….

    With regards, YSF.

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