You Will be Drunk but Stupid No More with this LG Phone

LG wants you to drink more with their new LP4100 phone, with a built-in breathalyzer. For evidence, check out the happy Koreans above.

Yes, apparently, this phone is the Holy Grail for clubbers, drinkers and all who party. As ABC News put it so well, it “not only promotes sobriety, but chastity — and probably your dignity, as well.”

Here’s how it works, you breathe into a small hole which masks an internal breathalyzer and if you exceed the alcohol limit, a snazzy video shows up on those pimped up Korean phones of a car zig-zagging and hitting over traffic cones. Sounds like a simple message to drunk folks to understand. That is, if their heads ain’t already spinning and mistaking that zigzagging for normal driving.


This phone has an auto call-blocking feature that is activated once your phone determines u r drunk. It will prevent you from calling sensitive pple in your life such as your ex-bf or gf, your domineering and insecure boss, ur neurotic co-workers, ur mom, blah blah…

So far, 200,000 crazy drunks have bought it in Korea. Its gonna launch in US soon, no date set yet but i dun think promoting sobriety and chastity as their marketing message is gonna fly in the US, but …

buying it just to keep my stupidity under check when drunk?

As Mastercard says, priceless. 😉


8 thoughts on “You Will be Drunk but Stupid No More with this LG Phone

  1. Haha. The product idea is simple, yet it turns the Korean drunkens crazy. But, I hope I will never get to use it one day because it will mean two things:

    1) Either I have become a REAL drunken
    2) Or I have too many annoying people around me…


  2. Now it just need to come with the auto-videocam feature which:
    1) comes on when you get lucky when inebriated
    2) plus the optional feature which turns itself on when your silly friends get toasted and start propositioning fugly people….

  3. hahaha… now thats a good idea to pitch to Samsung, anything to kick the asses of their korean “brothers” @ LG…

  4. Hi Bjorn, i wanted to drop you an email.
    could you sent me an email?

  5. hey hey!! just saw your message on my livejournal. yah, it was nice meeting you at J’s party. How have you been?

    anyway, that LG phone is just crazy man… trust the Japs/Koreans to come up with something ‘weird’ like that =)

  6. Hey Bjorn, the pic is shocking!!

    Prices of beer & other alcoholic drinks in Singapore are quite high so I don’t think that it will be marketable as much as in Korea. I think that Russian will love it as their Vodka as cheap as bread =)

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  8. Hi boys!9ebdca174045e24b8d07a1705e0dbdbf

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