Namaste! Indiaaa, I come!

I am headed to Mumbai, India next Thursday for a Harvard student conference. Its gonna be rocking in the land of Bollywood, lassis and desis… And maybe to Goa I head (after Mumbai), the Ibiza of Asia!

Welcome to India where the cows eat hay,
and we drive auto-rickshaws everyday,
Goat meats, yummy sweets, wild monkeys roaming,
The roosters don’t crow till five in the morning! (2x)

To the tune of Welcome to Atlanta by Ludacris, check out Welcome to India, a hilarious and new parody starring DJ Vikram and Luda Krishna found off this Carnegie Mellon site..

To all you out there who have friends in Mumbai, drop me a mail or comment as I would love to catch up with them. This Mumbai trip is gonna be a great complement to my China trip in May. I can now proudly say I have been to the hinterlands of the twin economic behemoths of Asia for the 21st century. =)


14 thoughts on “Namaste! Indiaaa, I come!

  1. Have fun! And make it fruitful. =)

  2. Make sure u go party too! Do they even have clubs and pubs there?? :p

  3. i hope you dun get mugged thr. they’re not particularly fond of chinese.

    i dun think thr are washing machines in india so all the best with that man. you gotta walk miles to get water from the tube wells, lakes and the river.pubs and clubs are a long shot.

  4. Have fun and look forward to your updates on your trip!

  5. Hi Bjorn,
    cool interesting opportunity you’re heading into.
    i hear my friends brush their teeth with mineral water as the tap water’s not potable.
    One had to be hospitalized when he swallowed some tap water.
    You’ll be living fast and furiously soon.

  6. yea right arpit, no washing machines in india eh? Then you shall not see me again for I will be the new washing machine tycoon and u shall watch out for me in the Indian TImes.. 😉

  7. gee, Bjorn, didn’t you know that India is the supply house of all the SAP and ERP developers, the second biggest movie producer in the world, and home to my near and dear chaats.

    But they lack washing machines, cell phones, restaurants, broadband internet, satelitte tv?
    at least that’s what arpit mentioned to me. i think when he mentioned chinese curry, he meant that it wasn’t served to chinese, but rather contained…

    but i don’t think he was being entirely accurate…

  8. oh btw..pls try the “chinese” food in india.seriously. its totally different.

    we dun live in hell actually. we live normal lives like everybody else in any other part of the world. come on..1 billion ppl..thats gotta mean smthing!

    i was just being sarcastic in my 1st comment..just some things abt india that ppl have actually asked me in singapore. and the same ppl complain abt singapore being called the capital of malaysia/china when they go to the others parts of the world. 😉

  9. haha.. andrew, i know they have washing machines.. was trying to pull a fast one on my friend arpit and he apparently fell for it.. 😀

  10. likewise on my part too.

    you been punked!

    ha ha

  11. 🙂 yozz have a safe trip k 🙂 and have fun!!

  12. Glad that you decided to go to Mumbai!

    Have fun! It should be a great experience.

    Btw it is true that tap water is unsafe in India. You’ll be better off drinking mineral water.

  13. Yay man!! And great it was… looking forward to see you sometime soon again. And remember, if you’re ever in Holland, my place is your place. Hope you’re rocking Goa as I write this…

    Love, Max

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