2 Tips for Lazy “Quick-Read” Thursdays

You know that feeling. It feels like a Monday but isn’t. You feel lazy but its not even Friday. Your body is 2 seconds slower than your brain and coffee gets spilled, your mind wanders and you miss something important your boss said 2 seconds ago. You think every meeting with >5 pple is a waste of time.

Well, at least thats how I feel on a working Thursday, sometimes. Some of you lot reading this might disagree, good for ya, hope you ain’t reading this in the office then. =)

But I found some good reads today and thought I might as well share it.

1. DO YOU KNOW what are the Top-$ careers outside of finance, law and medicine?

Restaurant managers, truck drivers, coaches, tech writers, truck drivers.. All these jobs can make you > US$100,000 a year, more details here. Yes, and I like to highlight COACHES, cos these ain’t the sports coaches most are familiar with, but the business and life coaches that act as “cheerleaders” of sorts that provide confidence lifts to struggling entrepreneurs, aspiring novelists or even confused corporate executives.

Think for 5 seconds how many times you went out with friends and they complain about work over beer? So here’s an evil thought, why can’t we swap those “late-night beer outings-cum-life-ranting” sessions for a real job and provide it as a professional service to your friends and more at decent rates? That could be a win-win formula to making those beer sessions happier occasions for yourself and your “friend-client”. For proof, see below. 😉

“Coaching is exploding,” says Dan Janel, president of Great Teleseminar, a business that caters to tech-savvy coaches by handling the production work needed to perform remote seminars via the TV screen. Janel said his business was earning six figures itself within 13 months, thanks to the plethora of coaches popping up.

Another business spawned by coaching, naturally, is coaching the coaches. Christian Mickelson, who started as a small business coach in San Diego seven years ago, now helps wannabe coaches get their businesses started through his Web site, CoachingBusinessRocketLauncher. He says the key to six-figure success in coaching is finding a specialty and sticking with it.

2. Question: Why Corporations should Embrace Oddballs and beware of Kingdom-builders

look for the occasional rebellious person who argues or is not afraid of the boss. It’s important to have a few around, although those are the ones who are usually sacked. Look for the oddball person with a different point of view.

The second thing that I recommend is to be aware of kingdom-builders. They start out helping the organization to function, but in the end, they end up hurting it by creating too many rules and regulations.

Answer: Keep the entrepreneurial spirit (of innovation and risk-taking) alive in a huge corporation

If this article inspired you to be a professional coach or an oddball in your company, drop me a line. If you are a kingdom-builder and hate me for what i wrote, go take a holiday and just chill.

South Park – inspired pics from JoshuaInk. Thanks!


One thought on “2 Tips for Lazy “Quick-Read” Thursdays

  1. Coaching is the next wave of toolset that human can use to empower themselves and overcome the challenges of this century. There is an international certifying body of coaches – International Coach Federation. Go check it out. It’s really cool. We have a coaching org in S’pore too – http://www.liveyourmark.com

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