5 Things You Should Know

I couldn’t focus on my real work, which is researching for my thesis. So i decided to do the next best thing: helping you find good reads.

Noah Kagan, owner of Okdork.com and founder of Entrepreneur 27, has tons of gems and precious posts of wisdom and creativity in his blog. He’s one of the reasons why many of us don’t have to read so much anymore but just rely on him to read all the crap and sieve out the good stuff for us. 😉

I randomly picked out some I enjoyed.

  1. How to Get People’s Attention (and then keep it)
  2. How an American taught leadership to Korean schoolkids creatively (and what we can learn in crossing cultural barriers)
  3. 17 Great Insights for Startups
  4. The People Experience Series (about interactions with products and services) @ The Bank, Apple, Coffee
  5. The Evil but Brilliant Cigarette Marketing Campaign of Philip Morris

okdorkbadgeOk, confession here. Noah actually has this new “Road to 1000” competition he thought up to drum up traffic for his blog to 1000 unique visitors. Some of you might think this is traffic-whoring, I respect your decision but I believe good stuff should be shared and circulated widely on the web. Hence, I am putting up a badge on my sidebar till September 30th to direct any interested readers to Noah’s “Sexy Business Blog”.

So if any of u like his blog, go to Noah’s blog, look for my name “Bjorn Lee” on the right sidebar and vote for it. Actually, you can click on anybody’s name anyway cos I won’t win even if I send all my traffic to him (hence i have no selfish motive) =) Think of your vote as a reward to Noah for the good articles he writes and hence motivate him to write more.


One thought on “5 Things You Should Know

  1. you rock. thank you for thinking of me. singapore rocks;)

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