How to Be a Social Network Superstar

Hail! All hail the “Queen of MySpace”, newly crowned by Vanity Fair in their March 2006 issue. The Queen herself has almost a million Myspace “friends” and counting (982229 at time of posting), including real celebrities such as the band Nine Inch Nails.

Christine Dolce, who also goes by her Myspace alias Forbidden, used to be a cosmetics salesgirl at some mall before her inspired take towards her MySpace profile shot her into stratospheric fame. Reading her blog is like a “Celebrities for Dummies” tutorial.

Whats her formula? Pics always tell the truth, not words (unless you are JK Rowling)





The last pic above is from Stuff Magazine, one of many “lad mags” you will find her on. But the first two photos are symbolic of her style that got her fame.

A buxomic figure + Edgy/ Punk Rock style + Good photography + provocative poses = glamorous shots, which are damn viral on social networks and ensure high attention and profile views from all the men. The professional and methodical approach to marketing herself and even branding herself as “Forbidden” is simply alluring and differentiates herself from so much of the MySpace sluts. Not to mention throwing in dozens of photos, blogging frequently about her road to glamor and glitz, “mentoring” wannabes, being nice and welcoming to all friend requests on MySpace. Christine kept her story real, keeping to her amateurish roots on Myspace, told the story faithfully through personal media such as blogs and balanced it well with her increasingly professional studio shots.

She has rode on her initial fame to also launch her own clothing line(Destroyed Denim jeans) like many other self-respecting celebrity would too, think JLo, Britney. And similarly, she also has multiple product endorsements on her profile of her photographer, media firms, all neatly tied in with her own personal brand which shines ever so brightly on MySpace. It was her latest conquest of Unilever that caught my attention as she’s hired to market the consumer giant’s line of Axe deodorant products.

Everyone loves a rags to riches story, particularly one that is gathering in steam like Christine’s. Its way cooler to be part of the making of a celebrity on a social network than just witnessing the finished product which skips the social participation stage like so many other offline manufactured celebrities.

>And if you think softcore porn photographs are not enough for her to hit the mainstream, you will be surprised to hear of her mentions on established mainstream media such as the Economist, Wall Street Journal, Business 2.0 who have lauded her as the icon of the New Media wave that Rupert Murdoch is betting his fame on to ride it successfully. Business 2.0 went as far to laud her as one of the hits in their “Hits and Misses” feature, alongside Valley luminaries such as Steve Jobs, the godfather of PC Bill Gates, and the Google rock stars of Sergey and Larry.


Christine Dolce’s meteoric rise through the Internet is set to go even further when she appears on Playboy in October 2006.

While her achievements are certainly noteworthy by themselves, her role in our cultural world today has a deeper significance. A new message to all aspiring fame-seekers:

Celebrity status is no longer a monopoly of media giants but a democracy for web-savvy amateurs.

Christine’s a web-born celebrity, one of a few that have escaped the monitor screens to really hit paydirt and gain fame in the offline world. The empowering influence of the internet used to centre around existing offline celebrities such as Britney Spears, Baywatch babes, Beyonce who occupy top spots on search engine traffic but the Youtube phenom has spawned multiple amateurs who have relied on sheer ingenuity and raw talent or looks to rub it with the multi-million dollar image makeovers by professional firms.

Christine certainly won’t be the last web celebrity we see to have been pushed to the top of her career by a mass of gawky internet users on a social network.The Internet has given birth to the voices of millions who clamor for celebrities or cutural icons that are truer reflections of ourselves rather than the manufactured superstars of yesteryear. That fuzzy, warm feeling, of knowing someone who was equally an unknown as you were years ago to have made it and become a celebrity through a social network alone, is truly inspirational.

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6 thoughts on “How to Be a Social Network Superstar

  1. She’s not really rags.. she’s an OC girl and started out as a makeup artist. I remember adding her wayy back. Didnt know she has riddent the myspace train so high. Tila used to be the queen.

  2. aww man, but u and i know too OC ain’t all its hyped up to be.. Jarrold had a depressing tour of it..

  3. I heard she is getting a lot of negative press and lashback from her fans lately. I think the fame might have gotten to her head.

  4. anyway she’s a trained makeup artist.. or so she claims so she’s really good at makeup

    i’ve seen the “before” pics before. nothing to shout about actually.. haha

  5. Hi, there!..efd742c59f6ad82b33afee5233a0ccf5

  6. I think it’s only a matter of time before Britney runs over a photographer and kills ’em. What happened to that sweet old Britney we used to know and love?

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