From Meebo with Love to the Blogosphere — Meebo Me

Look right of this window and you will see a Meebo chat window that allows the blog author to connect directly with its readers on s/he own blog. I just spent some time playing with this new toy today. Its called Meebo Me.

1. Sleek design is always a plus. There are already blog-hosted chat applications available but those are really ugly versions that remind me of the IRC days.
2. Viral App. Meebo has definitely etched themselves in the minds and hearts of bloggers around the world. THis is definitely aimed right at people like me to hopefully blog about the application and either hug or slam its usefulness to our readers, hence making this whole application a viral marketing campaign for its main service.
3. Crawling with bugs. I must say Meebo Me started off not too well while I was installing it onto my WordPress platform. I had to keep renaming my widgets everytime I had an unsuccessful attempt in installing the code into the WP widget. After installing, I couldn;t chat with visitors on my blog unless I am logged in as a Meebo user on their Meebo main site. Frustrating indeed. Can’t the Meebo Me app detect that its blog author is logged in as long as I am logged in with my blog host? This really defeated the purpose of Meebo me as a tool in connecting the author and its readers. If you need the author to always log into Meebo from Meebo main site, then you are forcing people to use your main service. I am happy with my MSN IM currently and dun foresee me using the web-hosted version from Meebo. Is this their way of forcing all IM users to convert to Meebo as their IM browser?

    Having said that, I am still satisfied generally with Meebo Me and its vision of integrating IM within the blogging experience, both for the readers and authors. More importantly, its early days for Meebo Me and I shall be virtuously patient.
    Do drop me a line if you are visiting.  =)


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