Cool FaceBook Advertising

I really like this ad.

Its NOT one of those banner/ tower ads at the side of the toolbar YOU ALWAYS IGNORE that flashes free emoticons, win ipod nanos by clicking a gadzillion links, signing up for useless programs and waiting for eternity for them to send you some free shit. I ever clicked on those.

But I clicked on this ad. Immediately. I think that alone is noteworthy considering how attention-deficient and ad-weary I am.

Let me explain. The 3 banners above display the permutations sequentially. Its one of those flash ads that allows time for processing info in a storytelling fashion. I think the “hooked up” and “resume builder” caught my attention in the first and second main frames. I think that was good enough for me to pique my interest and do whatever that ad wanted me to do in the 3rd frame. haha, yes, i was impulsive, 3 seconds was all it took to sway me to make that important click of my mouse.

I think this ad earns high marks for contextuality, if anything else. College students love to hook up, so it was important that phrase was in the first frame considering how averse pple are to credit card programs. FOr the second frame, any fool loves free stuff, its the Holy Grail of Cheapskateness and the bread of starving college students. yea, u have the $200 but that didn;t mean anything to me, it was the resume builder that was important to career-conscious college students, especially those outside of their freshman year looking at their next internship or career option. I thought thats another winner, showing the world that at least somebody’s using their brain during ad conceptualization and earning their keep.

So are u keen to know more on what happened after I clicked?

Nice way to build a legion of viral marketers by dangling lotsa carrots in front of them. If Chase actually articulated what prizes, maybe it would be more effective. Nonetheless, its still a neat and elegant way to build brand amabassadors in each school. I think the odds are high that there are at least a couple of fools like me in each college for this thing to work. Hell, I think it works and has higher effectiveness than email marketing which is just plain spam.

All Chase has to do to really make this successful is to give real prizes REAL FAST to selected students. Yup, make the marketing crap in this ad reality and actualize hope (of getting those prizes) into real gratification. You can be sure those squealing cheerleaders or rabid frat boys are gonna turn this ad into a real epidemic among their friends. And the cool thing is social networks like Facebook provide all the mechanics to identify the true “viruses” and “opinion influencers” in the network either by number of wall posts they get, events they attend, photos they upload, no. of time they change their statuses etc to get to the real socializers who will kick this whole thing off.

After this, I cant imagine how lame soooo many of the oher banner ads on MySpace and Friendster are. Got a Facebook account? Check it out if you ain’t sick of my gushing of this ad yet.


One thought on “Cool FaceBook Advertising

  1. DBS Bank should really consider doing things like this in Singapore. NUSSU just signed a new Mega-Deal with DBS. New contract that bettered even the one in my term. 🙂

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