Do the French blog?

After the Americans, yes, they do, and a lot too, it seems.

“Outside the USA, France is one of the leading ‘blogging’ countries and its “blogosphere” (bloggers and/or blogs’ creators) is growing fast.”

Mediapost brings us an update on the census study of the French blogosphere.

  1. 26.7% of the French online population visit a blog at least once a month.
  2. 18.8% have posted a comment on a blog
  3. 8.1% have created there own blog
  4. 92.2% of onliners agree that blogs enable the greatest freedom of expression
  5. 81.3% are both reactive and interactive
  6. 75.7% say blogsd create a closest possible relationship between people
  7. 62.9% of blogs are considered more critical than any other source of information


Laurent Florès, CEO of crmmetrix, says “Thanks to blogs, the Internet has become a primary source of information for French Internet users… This marks a significant move from ‘interruption marketing’ to ‘conversation marketing’, where listening and conversing become critical for brands and organizations as a source of… learning from what people are saying about them.”

Personal blogs are by far the most consulted (90%), followed by group and association blogs (46.3%) and media blogs (38.2%), while nearly one-third (29.9%) of French blog readers have visited a brand’s blog. They see blogs as a great opportunity to open dialogue with the brand and engage with the brand on a new level.

More of the report can be found from the blog of crmmetrix who commissioned this report.

I wonder what the census of the Singaporean blogosphere will look like, perhaps this should be a topic for online media research in the local colleges.


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