Lowering Testosterone Levels in the IT industry

Ever worked or visited an IT firm and found it packed with more girls than guys? Yea man, you there nodding your head, the female gender is truly a rarity in the IT world. Lets forget even about the gender bias displayed by Lawrence Summers. Discriminating females based on demographic profiles in the male-dominated industries are not true reflections of the former’s aptitude in the math and sciences. There’s always Marissa Mayer, Caterina Fake if you ask me.

But SEX always sells, more so with the democratized tools of distribution in the form of the internet. Since no one have print calendars these days, what better way to get the word out using wallpaper-friendly formats and provocative photo ops to get bloggers and mainstream media into a frenzy?

Yes, WOMEN IN IT, we heard ya msg loud and clear.

No way in hell do i think young impressionable females gonna be convinced to take up IT because they felt inspired by these “role models” portayed in icons of pop culture? Well, it might be fun for the girls in those photo shoots but I think the fun factor is way higher for their male counterparts in the testosterone-fuelled environs of research labs and IT firms around the world. Not to mention reinforcing the stereotypes.

In fact, it appears some immensely unhappy female hackers tried taking down the side, or maybe some feminist rights fanatics. SUch violent responses do indeed help in promoting this message further. IN fact thats how I got news of it from here. The site weathered 3.5 million hits and also came under a Denial-Of-Service attack over the past weekend without crashing. Now, the host of the site Sauce Software is all over the media for a good job done in keeping the site running. Nice idea for a viral marketing campaign, i say.


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