How to Schmooze with Flair

Ever had those moments when u simply run of BS to talk about when meeting strangers at networking functions? Noah’s compiled this awesome list you just gotta read to become a smoother talker or savvier networker.

Spread this along guys, I am sure all of us can be spared of some of the lame crap we hear all the time, I am spreading to lessen some of my occasional guilt… =)

Here’s a sampler, click on the blockquotes to get to the article:

3- Details. While the other person is asking questions always ask for details on questions. When people tell me they had dinner at a restaurant, I usually ask what kind, how was it, recommendations and all other details about the place. You may end up eating there one day.
4- The game. Spend the conversation trying to learn one new thing. Even though most people seem really boring I am sure they know or do one cool thing. Try to figure it out.
<5- Compliments. Someone emailed last week and said my writing is decent. I was completely flattered and realized complimenting people really makes a difference.


One thought on “How to Schmooze with Flair

  1. my tips.. lots of preening in front of the mirror and a handsome smelling perfume.. haha..

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