Reading More never Kills… Bad reads do..

I like what these guys are doing over at Mindpetals. Actually i am in a sharing mood today cos i got motivated by my blog stats that show a spike in pple reading my feed. =) So i will throw out more posts and do my little to enrich your reading.

Mind Petals was started to connect various intelligent, smart, and creative entrepreneurs from all over the world. It’s our goal to build the largest entrepreneur blog network on the net. It’s time to start sharing ideas, networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, and building lifelong partnerships – Mind Petals was built for exactly that reason!

The Mind Petals’ goal is to not only connect entrepreneurs, but to also produce amazing content through blogs, books, newsletters, conferences, and other various mediums of communication.

We want to educate the world on entrepreneurism and spark minds with inspirational content.

Changing the world little by little. I like the blogs by practising young entrepreneurs. Highly motivating to read and share by contributing.

We always read all the books written by self-professed gurus who we can hardly connect to cos they either write too academically, too professionally and detachedly, or just cant’t think properly and write coherently in a reading-friendly format. Where’s the entry level stuff that helps you ramp off your fledgling garage or dorm startup? Maybe this group of young entrepreneurs will help.

I particularly like this blog.


One thought on “Reading More never Kills… Bad reads do..

  1. Thank you very much for the praise of our network. We are all working hard to change the world and share knowledge with young entrepreneurs around the globe. Expect great things from Mind Petals, we’re here to make things happen! Thanks.

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