1 Million Dollars in 1 Month

July 16, 2006. This is the end-date of the Million Dollar Destiny Project.

It will also be the day we will know if the American Dream is still possible in our day and age. Remy Frazier, 27, had a personal conviction to prove if the dream was still possible in America today and he started on June 16 2006. Armed with only 1 cellphone, 1 digital camera and $100 in his pocket, he aims to make $1 million within one month.

Is the American Dream still alive? Can it be accelerated within 30 days? If you want to help, buy the Mantool, his flagship product Remy is pinning his hopes on either through sales or a corporate buyout and or simply, inking a book deal or movie deal and cash in on his idea.

Here’s what he has already achieved in 1 week,

By Day Seven, he had a team of 25, including a positioning consultant, business strategy analyst, business strategy consultant, a travel/social consultant, research consultant, project assistant, Web site developers, marketing and branding specialists, and film producers documenting the project.
On Day Eight, when BusinessWeek.com spoke with Frazier, he was focused, energetic, and highly optimistic about his project’s progress and prospects. He still had $65 of his original $100 in his pocket. The Mantool, he said, was in the phase of market research and product design refinement.

Source: BusinessWeek

More on Remy from his Youtube-hosted interview. There are a series of daily interviews or status reports if you like.


4 thoughts on “1 Million Dollars in 1 Month

  1. Hhmm..will be interesting to see if he can do it…however, he’s far more likely to do it by using the media. Sure he’s created a product…but getting worldwide attention is likely to get him his fortune. It’s like half eaten packets of crisps selling for $20 on eBay…if it’s popular and in the spotlight…it’s priceless!

  2. totally agree, fergy… milking the media attention is gonna get him far more than what that mantool can… so if you want your share, maybe u can fly over and enjoy some of that action =)

  3. 1 million by 25. i’m 24 now. i also vowed to earn more than every NOC people from selected in its third year.

  4. hmm seems to be a dream……… more interested to know how……..whether I can do it………

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