Are you an Entrepreneur or a Fisherman?

John Nesheim, my “Jedi Master” from Silicon Valley, was so insightful today in parting some of my own thought clouds that I decided to share it:

“Waiting has a different meaning to an entrepreneur than a fisherman. Sometimes the angler must simply wait for the fish to arrive and start biting. But the entrepreneur acts, seeks the fish and when he finds them, stimulates them to bite.”

Its so much more important to be proactive rather than reactive.  I think I might be having a relapse of reactivism again, so its great always to have the Master give a sharp jab to the apprentice and wake the latter up.
More on the article here.


2 thoughts on “Are you an Entrepreneur or a Fisherman?

  1. Well, Bjorn,

    I agree with that philosophy. Speed is an important asset for successful entrepreneurs. If we feel that we are living on the fly and make sure that we do all we can to make things work, we will succeed. 🙂

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