Entrepreneur27 Meetup 2 is Here!


Youth. Internet. Entrepreneur. Passion.

At the newest, snazziest city campus Singapore has to offer.

Experience what we mean by an "unconference".

  • No stuffy seminars or talks by boring speakers.
  • YOU decide the topic, if you want to.
  • Or, find interesting people, e.g. students, techies, entrepreneurs, PhDs, MBAs and chat about your interests in becoming your own boss or whats cool in tech/ internet.


Singapore Management University

School of Information Systems Level 2, Network Seminar Room 2.4


6.30pm – 10pm

Fee: Zero. Yes. Zero.


Come meet the new generation of entrepreneurs and view 3 demos by:

RSVP required. We are capping attendance at 50 for now. Click here and press the "Edit" button to add your name. Hurry, spaces running out fast.


3 thoughts on “Entrepreneur27 Meetup 2 is Here!

  1. Great Layout! Seems like all of us just had a site revamp! See ya at the meetup!

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