The 6Ps to Clinching VC Investments

People – I want the entrepeneur to be someone I'd enjoy working with, intelligent, honest and hardworking.

Products – the product (or service) should have a large market.

Plans – The entrepreneur should have the ability to make and execute plans

Profits – this should all lead to obscene profits.

Passion – the entrepreneur must exhibit real passion for the idea, since he or shee will be giving up some of their personal life to make it happen, and needs to believe strongly in what they're doing.

Persistence – the ability to stay with it through all the many setbacks that happen during the long time it may take from idea to profitable execution.

From Howard Morgan's post, a VC from First Round Capital. The first 4Ps were in concurrence with John Doerr's opinions. Howard came up with the rest later on.
So where do i see myself on this 6P metric? I shall not reveal the actual score but lets just say I will stick to bootstrapping for now. =)

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