Cashing in on World Cup 2006

Unless you are an American, you know why the hell soccer is in the DNA of many male soccer fans.

I am sitting here in my room typing away, with barely 6 hours away from the kickoff of the first game of Germany vs Costa Rica and I swear I can almost hear the gears of the non-US global economy slowing down. Beer companies, clinics, pubs, TV makers, energy drink makers, coffee cafes, soccer jersey sellers can all expect to make big bucks for the next month. =) Yes, if you listen hard enough, maybe u can hear them rubbing their hands with glee…. ok, enough of my own glee and cheesiness..

Google + Nike wants you to read ads

Google and Nike already planned to cash in long ago. Couple of months ago, they co-launched, a social network for soccer aficionados. Videos, interviews, group discussions by rabid fans are expected on this new network as Google and Nike hope to cash in by plastering relevant ads every time a rabid fan logs into this network during their conscious intervals between matches. Google is also actively trying to gather more soccer fans to get their exclusive Google account through their sign up page. A good way to upsell and promote the rest of their Google services such as Gmail which only has 5% of global email market share?

VW + Beckham wants to sells you cars 

Volkswagen is also using the World Cup brand + David Beckham's appeal to publicise their Touran model and also the David Beckham academy. A mini-site has been created where you can play games and choose between the role of either a striker, goalkeeper.

Youtube doesn't know what to sell you… yet 

Lets not forget . After the World Cup, perhaps we will see them raise another multi-million dollar round. But whether they will earn money out of this is another matter i shall not discuss here. Heard about their new channel feature recently where you can subscribe to certain channels which groups videos of the same genre? I will sign up for the world cup channel once its available! =)

McDonald's wants to sell you fattening fast food 

And here's another rumor i have yet to verify. I hear certain Mcdonalds's outlets will be broadcasting the live feeds of the games. Now, thats another smart move to cash in if its true. It doesn't seem to end, does it?


4 thoughts on “Cashing in on World Cup 2006

  1. ahh! time to bet!

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  3. some exchangers said that singapore is more americanized than canada…canadians try to get as far as possible from the fast food whereas singaporeans’re consuming more and more fast food…just a thought after seeing your mentioning mcdonalds

  4. Mc Donalds all night outlets ARE showing world cup matches

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