NUS Overseas Colleges Silicon Valley Alumni Wins 7th Startup@Singapore

Darius Cheung, NOC SV alumni of the 3rd batch, has came in 1st among equals in the latest 7th edition of the Startup@Singapore business plan competition.

Congrats to him and his founding team of Varun (also of SV 3rd batch), Indradeep and Rishi!

A quick summary of their idea:

tenCube WaveSecure is the world’s most comprehensive solution to help you secure your mobile device and data. With WaveSecure, you can remotely lock your phone and track it down even if the SIM card is replaced. It enables you to recover your lost phone, prevent expensive unauthorized calls and protect private data. Your valuable data, such as contacts, will be securely backed up on a web server such that you can access it from anywhere anytime, even if your phone was destroyed in a fire. WaveSecure will be available commercially from Q4 06.

Check out Darius's article on entrepreneurship: The GoldDigger's Pants at , Singapore's leading resource blog-portal for entrepreneurs.

Darius had also demo-ed his company service at the last version of Entrepreneur27 Singapore meetup, which is an event series intended to provide a community platform to showcase enterprising startups by young entrepreneurs under 27 to like-minded under-27ers. Entrepreneur27 is a Silicon Valley based organization started by Noah Kagan, a product manager of and his team of passionate, driven entrepreneurs. E27 Singapore will be holding our next meetup (for details, click here) on June 21 to coincide with the SMU iX Conference where Google's Marissa Mayer (Vice President of Search Products and User Experience) will also be making her first speech in Singapore.


6 thoughts on “NUS Overseas Colleges Silicon Valley Alumni Wins 7th Startup@Singapore

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