Convergence of Broadband Internet and TV

How many hours of television do you watch per day? Given a choice, would you watch local television or downloaded movies, TV shows of American sitcoms/ HK, Korean, Japanese dramas?

 Would you still watch television if I tell you that Starhub cable TV channels are freely available over the Internet?

 An answer to that last question is no, not ALL TV channels are available over the Internet now. But that day is not too far off. Thanks to innovation being done by startups trying to capitalize on the Internet media wave, decreasing broadband internet access fees, convenient means to digitalize traditional TV media into internet-friendly formats, we can watch the latest Da Vinci Code, the latest episode of LOST/ CSI/ Desperate Housewives, in addition to an archive of older movies, or listen to the latest album released by your fave music artist minutes, or hours, after they are first released to the public. 

 The popularity of online video uploading services such as Youtube or Grouper  has also expanded the range of video content available for public consumption. An industry of amateur videomakers has finally broken free of the hegemony of traditional TV and movie studios over the distribution channel of media and used Youtube/ Grouper/ Google Video etc to reach out to a large online audience of hungry audiences seeking video entertainment. 

TV stations are increasingly threatened by the Internet. Just watch the mad scramble by American TV stations such as ABC which is tinkering with their business model now by streaming latetst episodes of their popular drams (LOST and Desperate Housewives) FREE over the internet, and mere hours after they are run on terrestrial TV networks, OR CBS linking up with Google to make available their shows for downloads over Google Video for a small fee of $1.99.

And anyone heard about Mr Apple/ iPod himself, Steve Jobs becoming the largest shareholder of Disney now? A tech giant himself in Silicon Valley, the land of computers and semiconductors, conquering the land of glitz and glamour in the entertainment capital of Hollywood. Who ever thought geeks would conquer media celebritites? If you use iTunes or possess an iPod, you yourself know that technology is now the single most disruptive force in changing the way we purchase and consume media products. Just look at the burgeoning number of music videos, songs, drama series and podcasts available on iTunes. 

One of the more astute media giants, Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp has jumped onto this wave. It began with him buying into  Myspace and with a $580 million takeover. Then he created Fox Interactive Media, a new business unit to explore how to radically digitalize his traditional businesses in print, TV and moviemaking.  

And here's a news article on Tivo, King of Digital Video Recorders, on their latest foray to converge the internet world with the TV world. 

More ways to watch free TV over the Internet are available here: Channel Chooser, Media Hopper, Mobi TV… the list will go on if you google the right keywords.


One thought on “Convergence of Broadband Internet and TV

  1. Interesting post Mr Lee. With WiFi technology expanding and it’s range increasing, it won’t be long until we live in a purely bandwidth world – where everything is stored on central servers and can be accessed on demand from wireless devices anywhere – imagine having every song ever written and every movie ever shot at your fingertips all the time…bring it on is what i say!!

    Great post.

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