My Hangzhou-Zhejiang Province Menu of Delights

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Thought for quite a while before i penned this post. It will actually be easier if not for that Chinese firewall that oprevented my blogging as I had so much to write about during the trip. Now, I simply have so much thoughts floating ard I dunno what to write.
Since the internet is about democratization, and i blogged about democracy twice in my previous 3 posts, i thought i should walk the talk.

So I will be writing down several key topics I learnt about during this trip and let you guys, my dear readers decide what you want to read. I will choose the top 2 or 3 and write in detail about them. I cant promise what i write about will be great stuff but you have my word i will do my best. 😉 Having some specific topics actually helps narrow my scope and sharpen my limited memory abilities on the most interesting issues to you.

(in no order of importance)

  1. The spirit of private enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a province neglected by the CCP of CHina since PRC's founding because of its proximity to Taiwan. How did this province rise from perennial under-investment by the Central Govt to become an economic hothouse today? Btw, CHiang Kai SHek is a Zhejiang native (Ningbo City if i am not mistaken)
  2. My experience in Yiwu City – reputedly the world's Walmart for traders and distributors all over the world. This place is only a friggin 1100 square kilometres. Here, you can buy anything and everything, from socks, shoes, bags, clothes, electronics, TVs, key chains, pens, yougettheidea … I spent a day there and only explored 2 (out of a dozen) sections of 1 megamall there.
  3. The entrepreneurial infrastructure in Zhejiang province. VCs, incubators, equity plans et al…
  4. The role of government in enterprise and my own experiences socializing with them
  5. Opportunities for young, entrepreneurial Singaporeans like myself in Zhejiang province. We are way behind the Taiwanese, Hongkongers, Koreans, Japanese in cracking this market.
  6. Tourist attractions in Hangzhou
  7. What the hell is this small Hangzhou city and why the hell should I pay attention to it? P.s. THey are building a maglev train from Shanghai to Hangzhou, now ponder why they care spending billions of US$ linking these 2 cities..

Thats about it. Comments and votes from you guys please.. =)


7 thoughts on “My Hangzhou-Zhejiang Province Menu of Delights

  1. tourist attractions in hangzhou pls. 😛 just kidding.

    role of government in the enterprise.

  2. Talk about these!!

    1) Did you see any cool use of IT or specifically internet to improve the life of a common man? Did you find that internet just touches the lives of the upper middle class & above and acts more as a sort of entertainment and networking tool rather than satisfying a core need of life? If you’re aware of CK Prahalad’s Bottom of the pyramid, any correlations?

    2) How crazy are the Chinese when it comes to their mobile phones? Again any cool stuff in the mobile world (the Japs and Koreans are generally quite innovative when it comes to this)?

    3) What language do they speak in Zhejiang Province? Mandarin or Taiwanese or Cantonese or some other dialect?

    4) How easy is it for a non-English speaking tourist to travel around in other cities like the ones you have been to? (I guess Beijing & Shanghai should be fine!)

    Sorry…hehe….I realised my post is like a set of essay questions from an arts paper 🙂

  3. Qn 4) ‘non-English’ should be corrected to ‘non-Chinese’ above

    Gosh….now I really made it sound like a NUS exam paper 🙂

  4. 1247 please. thanks bro!

  5. Didnt know that u had such great photographic skills =p

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