Visualizing Hongkong

Not really blogging about the trip yet. But its been an enriching first peek at HongKong's economy and culture. Since pictures speak a thousand words, i thought it best to throw a few of my pics here.

Looking picture perfect from the top.

KInda reminds me of those mockups made by architecture firms. Except this pic above is real.

Famous Hongkong human jams. Too many pple, too litlle space. THis one's taken in Mongkok.

HongKong is a marketer's paradise and also hellhole. TOo much advertising opportunities and also too little potential for mindshare and penetration. With so much advertising messages on neon signs, billboards, or sales booths like above, Hongkongers must be really apathetic to all this marketing hogwash thrown at them from all angles and layers of the business community.

Hongkong is not all economic and dollars and cents, unlike Singapore. They have a conscience, some call it political, i call it social. And they offer an outlet of expression for that, in broad daylight with thousands of Hongkongers thronging the streets. This pic above is a protest against the cash-for-human organs scheme and also alludes to some Falungong persecution by the CHinese government. In fact, this garned the most attention due to the dramatization of the whole message with a living human posing as a corpse.

Who can forget FalunGong? The million-member politico-religious movement that is the subject of crackdown within CHina and the source of Hu Jintao's and George Bush's embarrassment during the former's visit to the White House? In the more democratic SAR of Hongkong, we see glimpses of freedom of speech practised by pple with a social conscience.


7 thoughts on “Visualizing Hongkong

  1. Wow! Great Pictures – Thanks for the updates!

  2. …”little” surprise that li hongzhi tops the list of Power 50…

  3. “wow” keep ’em coming! this looks great! 🙂

  4. Nice pictures. I think of all the East Asian Countries, HK, and Korea have the most developed civil society

  5. hey! nice pics! Take more from china =)

  6. oh my, i didnt know you knew how to take such nice pics! 🙂 esp the “perfect view from the top”!

    cool shit, businessman.

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