Terrific Marketing with Manhole Covers

 Check out what Saatchi and Saatchi did with steaming manhole covers for their client.

 Thanks to this site and Digg.


5 thoughts on “Terrific Marketing with Manhole Covers

  1. hi so cool! congrats for finishing all your papers. i’ve a week to go

  2. God – Way cool! Was that drawn on? How did the smoke came about? lol – Terrific marketing!

  3. haha, apparently if you click on the comment threads of the first link on my article, some identified it to be a photoshopped job. Then again, you still have to salute the creativity of the effort. =)

  4. pretty creative! but if the drain stinks then the coffee is going to smell like sh**.. haha

  5. that is brilliant!

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