Naked Conversations

no, this is not a lurid post. So, back off, all you pervs out there…

Naked Conversations is this book I have been trying to finish for the past 2 months. Its about corporate blogging and how it can be useful in strengthening customer relationships. Its written by Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble who has been acclaimed by some people for single-handedly softening the image of Microsoft from "The Evil Empire" responsible for our Windows crashes and security vulnerabilities to "A Benevolent and Slightly Less Evil Empire" image. SO what the hell, yes i dun like Microsoft. Google rocks, please hire me… lol

So here's an excerpt I am reproducing from the book:

(Conversation with Michel-Edouard Leclerc, President, Assocation des Centres Distributeurs E. Leclerc)

Said LeClerc, "In order to save energy and capitalize on already formulated answers, I decided to create a personal site. My colleagues, younger than me and more expert on the Internet, convinced me to blog in order to be more interactive and in line with the current events." He said it serves two purposes. On a personal level, it is a space where he can structure and organize his ideas, helping him clarify his vision. On a professional level, it provides an efficient mechanism in which he can communicate with people who are interested in the organization."

LeClerc is an enormously busy person, perpetually in meetings, at conferences or in transit. "I am constantly questioned about my organization and how i view the company, the economy and social relations." The blog is a place where the questions more frequently asked of him can be answered, and anyone who wants to know can go to read him."

Here's my little pitch today about the importance of blogging and how it can communicate more about you as a person to a broader audience. Humans are social creatures, with internet, we gain access to a digital pipeline that connects us with an unprecedented number of people around the world. Yes, there might be negatives consequences of such unparalleled openness and access across the world, leading to privacy issues. However, we also gain by being able to communicate with like-minded people across the world that we learn from or help through interaction with them on the web. I am also an advocate of using blogging to express your personal views on issues that concern you in the world.

Some of my friends ask me: "why is your blog so boring? Its very different from what I am used to reading where people blog about their daily life." Yes, my answer is, I think blogs that showcase what clothes people wear, what they eat, where they went to study today, the things they do are but only one genre of blogs. In Singapore, such aforementioned blogs form an overwhelming majority. I am cool with that, I believe blogs are about self-expression, feel free to choose to express yourself anyway you like, by all means. I choose to express myself on issues I am concrned about such as technology, entrepreneurship, media, politics, space travel blah blah…

Oh, i also wanted throw in another pitch for blogging for businesses and corporations. I remember a professor who once mentioned that there are only two reasons why businesses hide and conceal information from the public –> INCOMPETENCE or ILLEGALITY. Transparency is the name of the game today in corporate governance. The "keep-customers-at-arms-length" approach is not going to work anymore for developed economies with sophisticated consumers who can blog about your crappy product on the internet, IM (instant-message) 20 friends that this product sucks. Think about the network effect of this negative publicity. No one is going to buy this product especially if the company is unable to speak up and respond directly on the internet which is where communication happens and resides today. Blogs solve that problem. Why? Because the internet is about conversations between its users. Get with the program, and join this naked conversation!

Addendum: Applause to my school, NUS Business School, for taking up my suggestion for a corporate blog. Helen, the Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, is a real evangelist now.

Check them out here


3 thoughts on “Naked Conversations

  1. google sucks! fuck google! heh. sorry, im bias.

  2. I agree. Blogs are meant for an avenue of self-expression for what matters in an individual. While most would find blogging about their latest outings, shopping trips or gatherings, there are others who want to go beyond the personal and blog about issues that matter not only in their life, but with the world.

  3. in a way yes, but how much of freedom do you have in terms of self-expression on the internet? legal lawsuits have been made aplenty from these.
    Considering that you have to constantly rephrase and rethink the most politically right way to pen things down..

    but on a hind sight, i’ve never seen a medical blog up yet 🙂 how to blog about your patients anonymously without revealing too much yet, revealing enough to satisfy your readers..

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