Welcome to the Commercial Space Age

 My childhood dreams of being an astronaut might just come to fruition. This is gonna be the next Big Boom for the technology sector. And interesting enough, it was spawned by the dotcom boomers like Paul Allen who funded Scaled Composites and now Elon Musk of Paypal. If that space elevator materializes, we r gonna credit it to Sergey and Larry too. 

Just another thought: Google's NASA campus now doesn;t look like too far-fetched an idea. Imagine the government contracts they will secure with NASA and technological diffusive effects on the consumer internet world by engaging in space-age research.

 Article here.


One thought on “Welcome to the Commercial Space Age

  1. An astronaut? Haha, that is what my parents want me to become when I was born. My name “Hao” is symbolic of the space (if you check dictionary, “hao” has two parts. on the top, it is ‘sun’, and on the bottom half, it is ‘moon’.) So how much has your traffic been growing over the past few months? It is cool to see the sharp increase in the traffic flow at Justin’s blog.

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