The One with SEOs and Obscure Searches

Deliberately been lagging in my blogging to check out how my traffic will plunge after the "SGEnterpreneur" Effect. Thanks to Bernard and his flattering attribution of my article from his article which sent quite a number of referrals to my blog. 

 And so i have been watching my traffic, using the basic WordPress tracker. I must say traffic-watching by itself is quite enjoyable, especially when you see what type  of searches pple typed in order to reach your blog. Just a coupla minutes ago, I saw "ibanking blog" appear and googled it to find myself ranked No. 4. I also clicked on No. 1 and found a pretty good blog by someone who blogged about her MBA admissions process and her successful acceptance into Columbia. Dun you just apreciate the randomness and subtle wonders of Google searches sometimes? I do. 

 Another thing to confess is that yes, Arpit, I have had quite a number of "Taammy"-related searches(ignore the double "a"s, intentional typo there to ward off unwanted traffic). I just did some google searches and i am no. 1 on the "taammy coppycat" searches.

Now, thats a good way to game the google system i must say, especially if i m a google adsense gamer who wants to trick the hordes of desperate porn-seekers into clicking bogus sites thinking they are gonna see some action. Makes me wonder if click fraud's ever gonna be the Achilles heel that breaks the back of Google. 


8 thoughts on “The One with SEOs and Obscure Searches

  1. Thanks for the comment and the shout out. I was actually stunned to see such a huge MBA blogging community when I first started looking into applying. It was probably the only thing that kept me sane through the priocess!

  2. Well, thanks for the note. Yes, that article I wrote has generated a lot of hits also for our site. Of course, life has to go on. I have just written a new one on What makes you different?”.

    I read something really funny today. Do you read Mr Wang’s blog? Apparently someone thought that BL is you, since we share the same initials.. πŸ™‚

  3. yeah, i just read Mr Brown for the first time. Quite a strong political inclination there. Where’s the part they mistook you for me? haha…

  4. still get most of your hits from the testosterone-charged-horny-young-taamy-crazy men.

    stop the charade and accept the facts dude. allow me to awake you to reality. you make some taamy posts and you get your hits.thats it. stop competing with the true web 2.0 icon of singapore, justin lee. he does not use such get-rich-quick schemes. you’re a loser. accept it.

    haha anyway..that was said to piss you off.take it for yourself.don’t care so much abt the hits.the hits don’t make a difference.if you can get a few ppl to read your blog and who can actually make quality comments (unlike me), i think thats more worthy than having passive observers. but if your aim is to get the hits and be phamous then yes, these observers matter. πŸ˜›

  5. yeah, i am the taarmy copyycatt icon on the web currently, dubious reputation, weird how my wordpress hosted blog got such high rankings for that shit, haha..

    but u r wrong on one account, i dun get my traffic from tammy anymore and my march figures have low contribution from that girl..=)

  6. Hi Bjorn,

    It’s Mr Wang. He’s popular and he likes to nitpick on social issues with a good twist of humour. If you read the post on Mini Project and the comments (it’s getting very long), you will find those articles. πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah, I have a proposition. Want to guest write an article for SG Entrepreneurs sometime?

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