What happens to Apple after Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs IS the pulse of Apple.

Steve Jobs in the '80s Steve Jobs today

Every major product design has his footprint, as has every major success of Apple. And the Dark Ages of Apple happened when Steve Jobs was out of the company.

So what’s Apple’s succession plan when Steve’s gone one day? Read on.

Market wants to know Apple will stay fresh after Jobs – Technology – smh.com.au

But the best part of this article is actually from the Digg comments.

“Jeez, you believe Steve Jobs is actually going to *die*? Nah, never. He’s already put in place measures to transfer his life-force into a shiny white plastic and brushed aluminum vessel after his primitive meat body has ceased to function. He will then issue commands to his minions using multicolored lights and beep-beep-boop sounds.”

“Apple will become a wholly own subsidy of GE and be heavily promoted on cable shopping channels in addition it will be a major brand at Odd Lots.”

“Jesus died but his company (Christianity) is still making millions.”

“Probably the same thing that happened in Russia after Lenin died.

They’ll have his mummified corpse in a glass coffin on display in the basement of their HQ, and probably hang posters of him around their HQ and Apple stores, with at least 2 statues of him outside the building.

Oh yah, then a few years later they’ll collapse due to severe financial problems.”

I thought this was the best. lol

“The Chinese will buy it. They will rename it — Red Apple.”


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