My Dream Home…

is going to include my own Death Star theater, looking like that.






Gonna hire Dillon Works who designed all this for some private client. Damn, i will write Dillon a check right now but you guys gotta cash it maybe a coupla years down the road. =) And plz, dun sue me cos i am doing free advertising for your services. How about you give me a discount if i refer x number of well-heeled clients to you? lol


3 thoughts on “My Dream Home…

  1. Pretty darn cool! I’ve got the theatre part, just not the death star interior 🙂

  2. it looks space age enough, i will work on the mimickry of the death star part when i hire them, ahha

  3. it is so damn cool; i like to visit your yet-to-be-built house one day soon!

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