A Space Elevator for Singapore

This is an update to the Singapore Spaceport (check out my earlier post), a Space elevator has real strategic advantages, not to mention economic payoffs for our country’s future 50 years and beyond.

Refer to this article.

The 62,000-Mile Elevator Ride: Weekend – Yahoo! Finance

This has real potential for Singapore. Check these excerpt(s) out (my comments in bold):

“Finding the funding

Who will bite first? The Chinese government has made no secret of its ambitious space program and carbon nanotube research. Nor has Japan.”

Singapore is geographically near these Asian powerhouses and economically plus politically friendly to both.

“Whoever builds the first elevator will have a virtual monopoly on all future ones,” Edwards says. “The political and economic structure of the world could be completely different 50 years from now.”

Singapore could really be a real force to reckon with in this new space power balance.

“The floating platform will ideally be anchored on the equator, Earth’s calmest area with the fewest lightning strikes and storms. The ribbon will have the highest melting point of any material ever produced and be flexible enough to withstand high winds.”

Same reason our equatorial location landed us a Spaceport, it should position us strategically for a Space Elevator. Seriously, this ain;t science fiction anymore. We might have missed out on the PC revolution, but the Space Revolution is right within our reach. (read the article to know why building space elevators are no different from building PCs in the 1960s) In future, nations 50 years from now will count space elevators an important aspect of their national economic infrastructure.


3 thoughts on “A Space Elevator for Singapore

  1. hey go check out the second page of today’s Straitstimes’s world section! there is a short article that you may find interesting

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