Where is the Silicon Valley of Singapore, according to Apple?

Was scrounging on the internet for cool summer internships in Singapore and chanced upon this.

Apple’s offices circle the globe, with the largest in Cupertino, CA; Cork, Ireland; Singapore;… While the regions differ from location to location, they all share beautiful campuses located in or near major cities. … And the Singapore office lives in the hub of the Silicon Valley of Singapore—the Ang Mo Kio neighborhood.

Here’s Ang Mo Kio for you.

Ang Mo Kio

Now, wait… I had to back off the screen before it sank in. Just who in the world wrote this misguided line of fiction to defile the Apple website???? lol..

Ok, fair enough, that picture was the residential area of Ang Mo Kio, but its city centre wasn’t too photogenic enough to be found on Google Images. Maybe Apple was trying to make its Asia-Pac HQ sound cool and its true that Singapore ain’t got too many cool places so Apple had to make do with what they had. But Ang Mo Kio?? The closest AMK comes close to being a Silicon Valley kind of technology hub was the pirated CDs/ DVDs they used to be infamous for in the late 1990s. Undisputedly, AMK is a major town hub of SIngapore and also highly developed as it is the local constituency of Singapore’s prime minister Lee Hsien Loong, but it is far from being a tech hub or “Silicon Valley” of Singapore. Nice try though for the hype-marketing of Apple outside of Singapore.

I probably ain’t going to have much success with a summer internship application for Apple Singapore. But hey, if the Apple HR manager read this far in my blog, you at least know that I will be a purveyor of truth amidst my future involvement in any hype marketing. =)


One thought on “Where is the Silicon Valley of Singapore, according to Apple?

  1. Hi Bjorn,

    I felt it is a pity that I chanced upon this blog post so late, and it is a pity that you never seem to try to check out where exactly the Apple HQ was.

    The Apple HQ is in the Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park right across Motorola. It is really near Yio Chu Kang central.

    The Ang Mo Kio Town and Industrial Park is about 30 min away from each other.

    Maybe you were just really curious to find out why someone from Apple stated that it was located in the ‘neighborhood’, and wrote about this article, but please get your facts straight first.

    Razzle Dazzle

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