Its official: Martians can now navigate their planet with Google Maps

Not content with Earth-based dominance, Google Maps has expanded beyond Earth and Moon to Mars. This is part of the interstellar expansion and growth strategy of Google to collect information UNIVERSALLY across the Universe and make it accessible to sentient life of every conceivable bio-footprint.

Google Maps: Mars allows for viewing of almost all photographs taken by the orbiting satellites and also ground shots taken by the exploration rovers that had successfully been deployed over the years, including the 2 currently active ones: Spirit and Opportunity that have been functioning way beyond their intended lifespans and mission lengths.

Here are some screenshots in 3 image viewing modes: Elevation, Visible and Infrared.

Mars Elevated

Mars Infrared

Mars Visible

And here’s a shot of the Spirit Rover currently active on Mars.

Spirit Rover on Mars


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